The Beauty of Nilambur Teaks
    The Beauty of Nilambur Teaks
    The Beauty of Nilambur Teaks


   We deal with all kind of worldwide TEAK (Tectona grandis) woods in India. We are specialised traditional iconic dealers of Nilambur teaks. Nilambur teak is a symbol of quality. History has shown its place in the world as nearly all monarchs (even for the Buckingham palace) has laid their hands on it! Even luxury ships and yachts use Nilambur teak for both interior and exterior works. Nilambur teak is a luxury of nature affordable to all of us.

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About Teak

Teak has a centuries-old reputation as the king of timbers. It is highly durable, easily worked, attractive, strong and relatively light. With the decreasing availability of teak from natural forest, plantations are an increasingly important source of timber to meet the demand. The growing environmental awareness has created a substantial opposition towards using teak from natural forest – the answer is of course cultivated teak.

Today teak is the only specie of the dark wood being planted massively. As the international market mainly will face a supply of white woods, a dark wood like teak will have little competition. With teak remaining one of the world’s most valuable timbers, interest in growing and investing in the species will remain high.

Teak is exceptionally resistant in an outdoor environment. It has a high content of silicon and tannin acids and is a medium heavy wood species with minimal movements during changes in the moisture ratio. It has good resistance to decay and insects, including termites. The wood species also has preservative properties which counter corrosion on metal mountings. After three years, the wood will have developed fire resistant properties, allowing the timber a natural fire protection.


On purchasing any timber logs, the basic factors that affect the price is the health of its plantation, girth, length, shape, and lack of defects.

Naturally, there are thousands of insects and other living organisms which could affect the growth of trees in its vegetative phase along with climatic conditions. Hence, the care and nurturing received during this time and the suitability of the soil (as different trees require different soil) determines the healthy growth of a tree. For different trees, its health varies according to its year of plantation. Therefore it is very important to choose neither the youngest nor the oldest of trees.

On buying according to class, the same class may show the different scale of prices. This is definitely due to the health conditions and the beauty based classification of the timber logs.


The beauty of Nilambur teaks